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        welcome~Guangzhou Xu Lang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.
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        Company Profile

        ABOUT US
        首頁公司簡介圖片 【270*206】

        Guangzhou Xu Lang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional to crush equipment, pharmaceutical equipment based high-tech private enterprises, the company since its inception has been dedicated to crush, the R & D and production of pharmaceutical equipment; always adhere to carry forward the "integrity, innovation, communication," for business purposes, to "technology, service" for the founding of the community spirit, and the formation of a complete design, production, installation, maintenance of one-stop service system. Company by virtue of a strong talent, technology and brand advantages, has with the thousands of large, colleges and universities, the authority of the state research, at all levels of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry Science Institute formed long-term, stable relations of cooperation. The company has a comprehensive technology, unity and cooperation of R & D team, the company has a strong technical force, in food processing, medicine, food baking, pharmaceutical research and development has achieved excellent results.

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        contact us

        CONTACT US

        Chen Ying:020-23327051   15989198636

        Liu Xin:020-23327058   13556053205

        LinJiayi:020-23327932   13922264157

        YangLele:020-23327059   13902272510

        LiHaiXin:020-86297177   15217629155

        Wang Li:020-23327052   13660478819

        Li Yue:020-23327937   13711046791

        Xu Yinuo:020-23327056   13533749137

        Ouyang Jinling:020-23327071 13922264167

        Sun Hong Wei:020-23327931   13610301418

        Jiang Li Ping:020-23327057   13556081235

        ZhangTianshow:020-23327055   13556093590